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March 2nd, 4:00pm--John Hope Franklin Center, Room 230--Duke University

Lecture: "Ethics and the Challenge of History"

  • Exploring the modern invocation of the historical legacy in Muslim discourses

Professor Ahmad Dallal, Georgetown University

For info, contact Marion Monson (marion.monson@duke.edu) 919-668-1938


March 9th, 3:00pm--John Hope Franklin Center, Room 240--Duke University

Lecture: "The Recognition of Muslim Marriages in South Africa in Comparative Religious Perspective"

Professor Abdulkader Tayob, Radboud University, Nijmegen, NL

For info, contact Brett Wilson or Youshaa Patel: 919-668-2143



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  Sept. 17 Moments in the Mediterranean:
A New Volume from the Duke University Press

prof. miriam cooke, Duke University & Grant Parker
  Sept. 10 Cybering Muslim History
Prof. Bruce Lawrence & prof. miriam cooke, Duke University
  Febr. 13 How Abd al-Latif al-Baghdadi and Others Helped Me Rethink Travel in the Islamic Middle Ages
Prof. Shawkat Mahmood Toorawa, Dept. of NE Studies, Cornell University
  Febr. 21 - Febr. 22 Islamist Networks Workshop
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  Jan. 31 - Febr. 1 The Qur'an
Seminar Description >>
For information call Nisa Moosa at 919.668.2146 or nisa.moosa@duke.edu
  Oct. 4-5 Muslim Networks Consortium Annual Meeting
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  Spring 2002 Debating Civilizations
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Defining Authority & Charting Options
Location to be announced
  January 11 Muslim Personal Law in South Africa
Ebrahim Moosa
Visiting Associate Professor, Religious Studies, Stanford University (University of Cape Town)
Von Canon, Bryan Center, 8pm
  January 12 Globalization & Religion
Ebrahim Moosa
Visiting Associate Professor, Religious Studies, Stanford University (University of Cape Town)
230 Franklin Center, Duke University, 3pm
  March 30-31 Conference
Muslim Networks:
Medium, Methodology & Metaphor
240 Franklin Center, Duke University Summary button
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Exploring the relationship between cybertheory, cultural practice and religious experience through the prism of Islam.
Unless otherwise noted, all events are scheduled at 4:00PM in 319 Gray Building.
  September 14 Southeast Asian Networks
Chandra Muzaffar, Kuala Lumpur University
  September 21 The Future of Arab Internets
Jon Anderson, Catholic University
  September 28 Building Islamic Centers in Europe
Farhan Nizami, Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies
  October 7 Note: Nass Marrakesh
Nelson Music Room, Duke University
For tickets call (919) 684-4444
  October 19 Connecting Muslim Schools
Qasim Zaman, Brown
  October 26 Rethinking Networks
Janet Abu Lughod, New School of Social Research
  November 2 Narrative Theology & Contested Modernities
Richard Martin, Emory
  November 9 The Conditions of Possibility: Networks in the Epic Literature of Islamicate South Asia
Tony K. Stewart, NCSU
  November 20 Feminist Networks in the Muslim World
Val Moghadam, S.Illinois University
  December 1 Multi-party Videoconference
American University Cairo, Duke, Emory, UNC, NCSU, Univ. of Washington Summary button
  December 5 miriam cooke & Samia Serageldin
read from their new novels
Hayati & The Cairo House
For information call Gail Woods at 684 4309 or gbwcows@duke.edu
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