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Muslim Networks:
Medium, Methodology & Metaphor

International Conference
March 30-31, 2001
Franklin Center, Duke University

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Video Clips
The video clips on this page offer highlights from individual presentations at the Muslim Networks Conference. Care has been taken to offer relevant, succinct selections which best represent the speakers' ideas and theses. Technical issues such as file size and bandwidth do not allow us to broadcast entire presentations. Please note that the digitization of the Conference video recording is a work-in-progress and we hope to be able to present more clips shortly. Please also note that this page is under development and is updated frequently.

To view clips, RealPlayer needs to be installed on your computer. RealPlayer is a free product which can be downloaded from: Once your are at the RealAudio site, click on Realplayer in the top navigation bar. On the next page, please scroll down and select RealPlayer 8 Basic. On the next page, please fill out the registration form and click on the download button.

miriam cooke and Bruce Lawrence: Introductory Remarks
Bruce Lawrence: The Digital Divide Within Islam
Richard Martin: Roundtable Summary
David Gilmartin: Patronage and Resistance in the Pakistan Movement
Charlie Kurzman: The Mosque Network and the Making of the Iranian Revolution of 1979
Akram Khater: Response to Charlie Kurzman
Gary Bunt: Islamic Inter-Connectivity in a Virtual World
Qasim Zaman: Reconfiguring Networks, Audiences, and Authority
Hedia Khadhdhar Part 1 Part 2
Rashied Omar Part 1 Part 2
Samia Serageldin
Cairo Panel:
Mona Abaza: Introduction
Omaima Abou-Bakr
Hoda Elsadda
Omaima Abou-Bakr/Hoda Elsadda
Tewfic Aclimondos
Sherine Hafez
miriam cooke
Responses to miriam cooke
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