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The Center for the Study of Muslim Networks, Duke University, presents:

Debating Civilizations
A series of seminars taught in connection with the Public Lecture series
hosted by the Center for International Studies.

Lectures and seminars will explore the relationship between Muslim and Western civilizations. They attempt to explore the commonalities and differences between different cultures and societies and how exchanges between them took place in the past and continue into the present. While there may be no single definition of what constitutes Muslim and Western civilizations, the speakers will reflect on the overlapping and interdependent nature of civilizational encounters. More >>
All the seminars will take place in the Franklin Center and start at 4.30pm

February 6, 2002
Bruce Lawrence and Ebrahim Moosa
Debating Islam and the West, 12th to 21st Century
February 21, 2002

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137 Carr Bldg.

Farid Esack
Gender Justice and the Limitations of Islamic Feminism
March 6, 2002
Jamal Malik
Dynamics Among Traditional Religious Scholars and Their Institutions in Contemporary Pakistan.
March 27, 2002
Carl Ernst
Ethics, Philosophy, and Politics: How are they Islamic?
April 4, 2002
Michael Sells
Islamic Mysticism and Poetry
April 10, 2002
Farish Noor
Confronting Stereotypes of Islam

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