Biology 217
Ecology and Global Change

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Spring 2007



Wind Turbines and Their Impacts on Avian and Bat PopulationsPatrick Bean & Katherine Kollins
Global Change Impacts on the North Carolina CoastJessie Bluvias & Kristin DeMarco
Ecological Effects of Tropospheric OzoneAllison Carr
Impacts of Land Use Changes on EcosystemsEmily Chambliss
Coral Reefs and Climate ChangeJames Cunning
Sustainable Seafood GuideSteve Durkee, Zach Eyler, & Jason Franken
Danger to Our Polar LandscapesRobert Fox & Allyson Carnes
Bristol Bay: At the Intersection of Oil, Fisheries and WildlifeEmily Fraker
Changing Expectations on DiseaseAlia Fry
The Ecological Impact Of Invasive Insect SpeciesMichael Givens
Climate Change and its Effects on the Salinity and Fish of the San Francisco Bay EstuaryLeah Medley
Tropical Cloud Forests: Implications of Climate ChangeAnne Rosenbarger
The Effects of Climate Change On Coral ReefsAaron Royston
Biofuels: Boom or Bust?Jesse Silverman
Debunking the Myths of Climate Change: A Response To 'The Great Global Warming Swindle'Thomas Sobel
Endocrine-Disruptors and Climate Change: An Ecological Disaster?Kristen Tull
The Effects of Invasive Species in the Northeastern United StatesJarryd Werts
Tropical Rainforest Responses to Climate Change in Central and South AmericaJane Zhu