Polar Bears and Humans

An adult male polar bear (A).

It is no secret today that the arctic is undergoing rapid and significant climate change. It is also no secret that this climate change is negatively affecting the animals that live in the arctic region. However, far less attention has been given to the effect that this change will have on the people of the arctic, and even less to its effect on the relationship between arctic animals and people. This website will try to address this issue, by discussing some of the interactions between a species of the arctic, the polar bear, and the people who live along side them. The site begins with some background information about polar bears, and a brief look at global climate change in the arctic, and then moves into looking at how these changes will affect polar bears. Following this is a discussion of the relationship between native arctic peoples and polar bears, including cultural significance, hunting, and conservation, with the conclusion that climate change is going to produce increased human polar bear interactions, which will be bad for all involved. Finally, some solutions to mitigate these problems are discussed, with the hope that humans and polar bears can continue to sustainably coexist forever.


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This website was made by Megan Denardo, a first year graduate student at the Nicholas School of the Environemt at Duke University.

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Polar bear cubs in a snow den (B).





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