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Marine mammals are found all over the world. They range in size from sea otters to the blue whale (the largest animal that ever lived). Many of these species have outlived their terrestrial counterparts but with expanding populations, increases in consumption, climate change and industrialization these animals are beginning to face the same fate.

This website aims to explore the major threats to certain groups of marine mammals.  We identified these major threats by conducting a scientific literature review.  The website is organized by major groups of marine mammals and then within each group there is information about certain species within that group.   All of the references can be found by clicking on the references link on the left hand side of any of the pages.  We encourage you to visit the What’s Next page to see our recommendations and to learn about some things that you can do to help these animals.

The following table is from Simmonds et al. (2007) and paints a picture of the level of threat marine mammals are currently facing.