If I knew then what I know now…

Advise and tips for new ABSN students

    by Lauren Bond, '05, with help from the class of December 2005


Duke University















Food and Dining



·        It never hurts to ask if any merchant has a student discount.

·        Use the Duke University Computer store in the Bryan Center. They sell everything cheaper – software, peripherals, hardware, storage devices, etc. Get software at the “student rate” whenever you can. It’s so much cheaper.

·        Many of the establishments on Ninth St. offer student discounts. Don’t forget your ID and don’t forget to ask.

·        JCrew offers a 10% discount for Duke Students with ID.


Scrubs and Nursing Shoes

·        Buying online is cheaper than any place locally. However, you may not know what kind of scrubs you like yet, so you may want to go to a shop and try them on.

·        Lots of pockets are extremely useful. Some students have used a little “fanny pack” for carrying supplies during clinical.

·        For shoes, students have done fine with clogs, sneakers, “Nursemates” shoes, etc.

·        Compression support hose are your friends. But, you can probably survive without them first semester.




·        There is almost nothing to buy to eat at Butner (in the town or at John Umstead Hospital), if you have psych nursing clinical there. Bring your lunch and snack.

·        Black pens only.


Getting through School

·        Nursing school is hard and it will challenge you in ways you never expected.

·        Be patient with yourself.

·        Get the support you need.

·        Eat good food.

·        Take time to treat yourself well. Don’t underestimate the value of exercise, time away school, practicing your faith, meditation, whatever helps you deal with stress.

·        Sleep is important.

·        Professors in this program assign way more reading than is humanly possible to do.

o       Focus on what you really need to know (for the test, to be safe, whatever).

o       Figure out how you learn best, and focus on that method, because sometimes they offer the same material in several different ways. You don’t have to do all of them.

·        Use different locations for studying, it helps add some motivation. Outdoors is great!

·        You can do this!

·        Remember, the person who graduates last in the class is still a Duke Nurse.