Students gather for Small Compline. Photo by John Stonestreet.The Duke Orthodox Christian Student Association is a pan-Orthodox college ministry serving the students of Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. DOCSA was created on campus with the following goals:

Opportunities for Joint Prayer A fundamental goal of DOCSA is to provide students with opportunities for joint prayer. On a weekely basis, we serve Small Compline in the Duke University Chapel crypt. Services are usually led by Father Edward Rommen, Adjunct Professor at the Divinity School and rector of Holy Transfiguration Mission (OCA) in Raleigh. Services are conducted mainly in English.

Opportunities for Fellowship An integral part of our mission is to provide Orthodox Christians with opportunities to meet with and get to know other Orthodox Christian students on campus. College is an important and intricate part of one’s life. Our hope is to allow students to grow spiritually in their faith while they pursue their academic studies.

Discussions After the Compline service, DOCSA members proceed to dinner where our Chaplain leads discussion of various topics important to college life and spiritual growth.

Service As a relatively new and growing student club, DOCSA is currently exploring avenues of service to the Durham community. Please let us know if you have any ideas. We are open to partnering with other religious clubs for service activities.

Spiritual Advisement Fr Edward Rommen, our spiritual advisor, and John Stonestreet, our chaplain, are available to meet with students and discuss their problems and concerns.

Contact Information
Rev. Fr. Edward Rommen
Spiritual Advisor
E-mail: erommen@duke.edu

President, Nick Valilis nick.valilis@duke.edu 915-241-5099

VP/Service, Troy Shelton troy.shelton@duke.edu 336-407-7999

VP/Social, Veronica Ciocanel, veronica.ciocanel@duke.edu 919-794-1395

Treasurer, Alex Mariakakis, alex.mariakakis@duke.edu 919-923-7339

Grad Student Liaison, Andrea Pappas, andrea.pappas@duke.edu 801-597-4304

Chaplain, John Stonestreet, john@ocf.net 919-624-9479