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Acknowledgments & Faculty Contacts

Course Coordination:

Christine Hulette MD, Course Coordinator 684-3994
M217 Davison (Green Zone)  
Email hulet001@mc.duke.edu

Louis DiBernardo MD, Assistant Course Coordinator 684-3659
243M Davison (Green Zone)
Email lou.dibernardo@duke.edu

Staff Assistant:
Rhonda Stephens: 681-8291

Autopsy Service: 684-2599

Alan Proia MD, PhD, Director
Louis DiBernardo MD, Supervisor
Meridith Hennessey PA, Pathologist Assistant
Kirsten Borland PA, Pathologist Assistant
Percy Rochelle, Autopsy Technician
Robert Satterwhite, Autopsy Technician

Clinical Pathologic Conference (CPC) Coordinators:

Dr. Sara Miller PhD, Professor of Pathology 684-3452
251M Davison Bldg

Dr. David Howell MD, PhD, Professor of Pathology, Chief of Pathology, DVAMC


Laboratory Instructors and Lecturers:

Dr. Christine Hulette MD, content director (hulet001@mc.duke.edu)

Dr. Edward Bossen MD (edward.bossen@duke.edu)

Dr. Anne Buckley MD, PhD (anne.buckley@duke.edu)

Dr. Louis DiBernardo MD (lou.d@duke.edu)

Dr. Jane Gaede MD (jane.gaede@duke.edu)

Dr. Elizabeth Pavlisko MD (elizabeth.pavlisko@duke.edu)

Dr. Victor Roggli MD (Roggl002@mc.duke.edu)

Dr. Mary Sunday MD, PhD (mary.sunday@duke.edu)


Website design and maintenance:

      Dr. J. Matthew Velkey PhD (matt.velkey@duke.edu)

      Russell Lippard (russell.lippard@duke.edu)


Website content is based largely on the Duke School of Medicine Pathology Laboratory Manual produced by teaching faculty from the Department of Pathology.




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