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   Health Hint 01
Studies show that successful weight loss happens when you keep track of your weight and food intake.

(Really! It's been published everywhere from Good Housekeeping to Discover, and even doctors have recommended it.)

What does that mean? Keep a journal of how much you weigh and what you eat on a daily basis. It'll provide a reality check as to how many calories/snacks you're really eating, and motivation as you watch that weight number you write down get a little smaller every week.

A few useful and free online tools are:

This one is an online journal. Make an account, and keep track of food, exercise, and weight. It looks up the calories for the foods you're eating so you don't have to, and it shows you a graph of your progress.

And if online journals just aren't your cup of tea, keep a handwritten journal.

2. Printable Food Diary
Here's one you can print out, from the American Cancer Society.

Later you can look up the calories. Good references are:

3. Calorie King
A free online calorie-look up site. Really easy to use!

4. The Calorie Counter
Just like Calorie King. Also easy to use.

And that's all for today! Any questions? Email us!

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