Voices of PHChallengers

"The biggest impact the PH Challenge has had on my life is my relationship with my Health Buddy. I have the best Health Buddy EVER - Layne Baker. Layne is one of the most enthusiastic, fun, and driven people I know and her attitude is simply inspiring. The Challenge gave me the opportunity to meet her, since without the challenge, I would never step foot in the Chapel except for special events. I really appreciate having the chance to really get to know Layne and develop a bond with her."
      - Justine Tiu, Class of 2011

"The Prospective Health Challenge has been a good motivator for me to maintain my current exercise level and improve my nutrition. I have made an effort to eat much more fruit than I did previously. I have also paid more attention to what I was eating in an attempt to follow the recommended food pyramid on a daily basis."
       - Nicole Greeson, MS, CIH
         Safety and Health Specialist

"I really appreciate the motivational aspect of the Prospective Health Challenge as it creates a supportive environment in which I am excited about exercising and eating health. It's extremely helpful to have a health buddy which whom I can discuss any health issues or just exercise with. With my balancing of academics and activities, being in the Challenge pushes me to work hard to maintain my health and also have fun while doing so."
      - Christine Wu, Class of 2013

"The Duke Prospective Health Challenge has had a tremendous positive impact on my overall health because of the weekly tracking and reporting we must do. We are asked questions about our exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress levels, etc. from the previous week in order to fully examine what we've done well, or not so well. Although some people may think it's tedious or time consuming to fill out the weekly survey it's really helped me to think more about my wellness activities on a daily basis. That shift in mentality will really set the stage for lifelong changes. I look at this exciting program not as something I'm doing just for a year, but as a way to truly cement positive health/wellness habits for the rest of my life!"

Jennifer Philips
Assistant Director for Health Professions, Science & Research
Director, Health Careers Exploration Program
Duke University Career Center