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This is the current site of the Duke Undergraduate Philosophical Society. This club provides an opportunity for students studying Philosophy to meet, socialize, and discuss issues of philosophical interest.
Useful Information:
President: Daniel Epps
Vice President: Paul Heymann
Treasurer: Esther Oh
Faculty Advisor: Güven Güzeldere
Meeting Place: The Philosophy lounge on the second floor of the West Duke Building on East Campus.
Meeting Time: Currently we meet roughly biweekly at 6:30pm on a Thursday.
New News:
(2003-04-10) Good news! Professor Brandon, the Department Chair, has let us know that we will be able to invite a speaker to come to Duke next year. We need to invite someone soon, however, since these things take a while to plan and people get booked early. If there is an active philosopher you are especially interested in and would love to hear speak, please suggest that person to Dan.

(2003-04-10) Will Feldman, a philosophy major, wants to start an undergraduate philosophy journal next fall; members of the society are going to help him. So if anyone is interested, send Dan an email and he'll pass it on to Will.

(2003-04-05) Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, April 15th at 6:00pm. It will be in the Philosophy lounge and this time we will meet with Prof. Owen Flanagan. He'll be talking about some of his interests. As always, there will be free pizza. Come by!

Old News:
(2003-02-27) We had our second meeting this Thursday. We discussed Robert Nozick's "Tale of the Slave" argument against the extensive state and discussed possible times we could meet. If you have a time you would rather meet, mail Dan.

(2003-02-20) Our next meeting will be on February 27th at 6:30pm. It will be in the Philosophy lounge again and there will be pizza.

(2003-02-06) We had our first meeting this Thursday, which was a productive one. We got to know each other as well as several of the new Philosophy faculty including Professors Andrew Janiak and Brian Cantwell Smith. After that we discussed materialism's continuing challenge to organized religion.

Useful Links:
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Criticisms of PGR
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