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Triangle-Area Vegetarian Dining

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PlanV- Duke's Vegetarian Club


Durham Food Co-op

We currently hold meals once a week at different times on west campus in Kilgo House Kitchen and Commons N.
Every meal is vegan, and if it's not tasty you can personally yell at Dina Graves (president).

For more information...
Position Name Email (@duke.edu) Phone
President Dina Graves dina.graves (919) 358-0498
Secretary Maggy Bryan majorie.bryan
Treasurer Akash Bansal akash.bansal

Check out PlanV's Original Owner's Manual, from 1991.  And a 2006 update, courtesy of Kelly!

Plan V's Listserv- To join PlanV's low traffic Listserv, email majordomo@duke.edu with "subscribe planv" in the body of the email.

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Last Updated: 24 September 2007
Phil Tseng, pt17