About PlanV

Plan V extends a warm welcome to all

Are you a vegan, a vegetarian or vegetarian-friendly? Do you wish to learn how to cook, or even just observe people with the ability to create culinary delights while chatting at their side peeling carrots? Are you harboring a secret grudge against the vegetable community prompting you to abstain from meat in the interests of a more thorough vengeance and higher consumption of plant matter? Everyone, student or non, is welcome to stop by, sample a meal and the atmosphere, and form addictions to both regardless of their original intentions. Plan V is a healthy and fun (and cheap!) alternative to endless evenings of cheese pizza and pasta in this Duke-catered world.

Meal Schedule

We're currently having a meal every Saturday at 6:30 pm. All meals are in the commons of Southgate Dormitory on East Campus. Every meal is vegan and often very tasty.

Email Susan Davis, sad10 (AT duke DOT edu), if you want to sign up!

For more information, contact Susan Davis at sad10 (AT duke DOT edu), Nigel Barrella at nab9 (phone 619-3791), or Daniel Summerhays at des30.

member responsibilities

Each member is expected to do his/her share of the work. This includes purchasing ingredients at the co-op, cooking for a meal, and cleaning up after a meal (although everyone cleans their own dishes). We're pretty relaxed about it, but things are much simpler if there is a reasonable balance of people and duties for each meal.

meal cost

We take dining points! Since the meals are currently only on Saturdays, the first-year dining plan does not apply. There is also a non-dining points option: pay $4 cash at each meal. We are non-profit, and require only enough funds to cover the cost of ingredients and cookware.

the co-op

Plan V is a member of the Durham Food Co-op and all food for our meals is purchased there. The only exceptions are ingredients that are not available at the co-op, and then only those specific ingredients are purchased elsewhere. We have a co-op account, and all food purchased for meals is charged to that account.

Plan V has a long-standing commitment to the principles under which the co-op is operated, and it is particularly important that we shop there now due to their budget crisis. In fact, all members are encouraged to do their personal shopping at the co-op to help this worthy organization survive. It is cheaper than Wellspring and is better than them about selling local organic produce. No place, especially the triangle, needs to lose another responsible local business to the influx of corporate super-stores.

Check out PlanV's Original Owner's Manual, from 1991!  And a 2006 update, courtesy of Kelly!