The Constitution of

Plan V:
The Duke Vegetarian Club



The primary purpose of Plan V is to provide vegetarian meals in a cooperative environment. Plan V is dedicated to helping educate vegetarians at Duke on nutrition and cooking, to exploring a diversity of meatless cuisine, and providing meals in a community setting for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. Plan V aims to promote the vegetarian lifestyle at Duke though campus events, educational activities, and most importantly meals.


Article I. Organization:

Section 1. The Officers of the club shall be President, Treasurer, Webmaster, and External liaison.

Section 2. The overall organization shall prepare vegetarian dinners on a weekly basis during the fall and spring semester.

    1. The days of the week that Plan V meets will be determined by majority vote at the beginning of each semester.
    2. All food served will contain no meat or meat products. Meat is defined as the flesh of animals and includes but is not limited to cow, chicken, pig, and fish. Non-meat products include but are not limited to vegetables, fruits, grains, beans, eggs, and dairy products.
    3. Whenever possible all food will be purchased at the Durham Food Co-op.
    4. Whenever possible food will be purchased certified organic if such an option is available.
    5. A reasonable attempt should be made to provide a vegan meal option unless it is known to a reasonable degree that no vegans will be participating in the meal.
    6. All meals and other events will be posted on the email list ( and web page ( at least 48 hours in advance.

Section 3. All meals will be prepared in a cooperative environment

    1. The responsibility for shopping, cooking, and cleaning for the meals falls equally upon all members of the group.
    2. Members are required to contribute 1 hour of work per week to be able to participate in the meals with good standing.
    3. Members failing to contribute equally to the work load may be asked not to return by a majority vote of those in attendance at a given meal or event where there is a quorum. This may be overridden by a unanimous vote by the executive council.
    4. Members may be asked not to return at any point by any officer. This may be overridden by a majority vote at any meal or activity at which there is a quorum or by unanimous vote by the remaining members of the executive council.

Article II. Fees:

Section 1. The cost of the meal currently stands at $4.00; this may be amended by majority vote at any meal where there is a quorum.

Section 2. Members in good standing shall be able to use there meal plan to purchase Plan V meals as per our agreement with the Dining and Events department (see "Dining and Special Events Department, Support of the Plan V Program", Appendix A, henceforth refereed to solely as " Support").

    1. Members choosing to purchase meals in this manner will be reimbursed as per "Support ".
    2. Plan V is not responsible for delays or errors in reimbursements on the part of Dining Services, the Duke Card office, or the Office of University Life.

Section 3. Failure to pay meal fees in an expedient manner will result in removal from membership.

Article III. Officers:

Section 1. Elections

    1. Elections shall take place at the first meal in the month of April.
    2. Elections shall be announced no less than one-week in advance.
    3. New officers may be nominated at any time between the notification of elections and elections; nominations shall take place via the email list.
    4. Nominees shall be entitled to make a speech no more than 5 minutes at the election meal.
    5. Officers shall be elected by a plurality (receiving >50% of the votes), in the case that there is not a purality there shall be a runoff between the top two vote-receiving nominees.
    6. Terms shall take effect the first day of spring finals and shall last till next year’s finals.
    7. In the interim between elections and the end of the semester, it is the responsibility of current officers to train officers-elect.

Section 2. The President shall do the following:

    1. Be sole spokesperson for the organization; no other person shall obligate or represent the club unless authorized to do so by the president
    2. Sign all official documents.
    3. Coordinate all activities and meals.
    4. Be in charge of all purchases of equipment for the group.
    5. Preside at all meetings.
    6. Be responsible for the storage of all equipment.

Section 3. The Treasurer shall do the following:

    1. Be responsible for club funds.
    2. Make and keep systematic records of all receipts and disbursements for the club.
    3. Coordinate the reimbursement of members as per "Support"

Section 4. The External Liaison shall do the following:

    1. Assume responsibility for coordinating and sponsorship of the weekly Hare Krishna meal
    2. Coordinate and serve as secretary for all correspondence and activities with like minded groups outside of Duke University such as other collegiate vegetarian clubs, the Triangle Vegetarian Society, and the Durham Chapter of Food Not Bombs.

Section 5. The Webmaster shall be responsible for maintaining and updating the Plan V webpage in a timely and tasteful manner.

Section 6. The Executive council shall consist of all officers and in addition to responsibilities states elsewhere shall be responsible for the following:

    1. To democratically decide on all club actions not designated to a specific office.
    2. Any member of the Executive council can call a council meeting.
    3. Meeting must be announced a minimum of 72 hours in advance.
    4. There shall be no regularly scheduled Executive council meeting; all meeting shall be scheduled as needed.

Article IV. Quorum:

Section 1. A quorum of the overall organization shall be that portion of the membership which attends a meal or activity where a notice of a vote on the issue in question has been posted a minimum of 48 hours before hand on the web page and e-mail list.

Section 2. A quorum of the overall organization shall be those present at any meal or activity where attendance is greater or equal to the average attendance over the last 10 activities or meals.

Section 3. For the purposes of voting, Hare Krishna meals will not be considered with respect to average attendance or as a regular activity and attendees will not be considered members of Plan V.

Article V. Equipment:

Section 1. Plan V shall purchase and maintain the basic equipment necessary to prepare the appropriately sized meals.

Section 2. All members shall be financially liable 100% of the cost of all equipment they use.

Section 3. Once purchased all equipment shall be stored in the storage cabinet, which shall be locked at all times it is not in use. The Executive Council is responsible for al keys to the cabinet.

Article VI. Amendments:

Section 1. Any member of the group who is in good standing can propose an amendment to the constitution.

Section 2. Proposals for amendments must be submitted to president, these must be announced by email and web page no less that 72 hours in advance of a vote and must take place at a regularly scheduled activity or meal.

Section 3. Amendments shall be ratified by a 2/3 vote of the quorum at the activity or meal.

Article VII. Duke Vegetarian Club:

As of October 1997 in agreement with the former leadership and membership of the organization known as the Duke Vegetarian Club and the leadership and membership of Plan V, these two groups have merged and hence forth Plan V shall be responsible for all activities and organizing which were previously that of the Duke Vegetarian Club. This shall include but is not limited to freedom to use the name "Duke Vegetarian Club" and responsibility for coordinating and sponsoring the weekly Hare Krishna meal.

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