PlanV Recipes!

Here are a host of PlanV's Favorite Vegan Recipes! We usually have to scale them up...

Dan's Curried Peanut Tofu
Dan's Veggie Pasta Salad
Leila's Vegan Chocolate Truffles
Chris and Anna's Moroccan Stew over Savory Couscous
Dan's Spicy Tomato Rice
Chris and Anna's Pumpkin Bread
Chris's Seared Moroccan Spiced Tofu
Chris's Garlicky Chard
Robin's Low-fat Vegan Chocolate Chip Scones
Betsy's Chickpea Casserole
Anna's Homemade Biscuits
Jessica's Vegan Spice Cake with Vegan Cream Cheese Frosting
Kelly's African Bean Soup
Chris's Chili Roasted Potatoes
Betsy's Basic Banana Bread
Bluebird's Tofu Scramble and Grits
Rachel's Famous Ultra-orange Cake
Betsy's Vegan Pumpkin Pie Filling
Anna's Chocolate Pies
and Variations thereof


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Last Updated: 17.April.2005
Chris Paul,