News Analysis Webpage


Prepare a small web-page describing a policy currently in the news. The basis of this project should be a single article in a newspaper, magazine or journal. Each student should do this assignment individually.


Goal # 1: Demonstrate familiarity with the policy or issue and that you can apply concepts from class to this specific policy matter.

Goal # 2: Demonstrate that you are proficient at designing basic web-pages.


You should briefly:

A)    Identify the issue (as discussed in the article), who cares about the issue, and two opposing perspectives on the issue.

B)     How salient is the issue? Discuss why the topic is receiving attention now. Who or what is involved in formulating and implementing the policy (and any changes)?

C)    What frames are employed by governmental leaders, concerned activists or the media when discussing this issue?


I expect the content to be equivalent to a 1-1.5 page written paper.


The assignment consists of two web-pages (a "home" page, and a page linked from that page). Place the pages on your personal website provided by the university on ACPUB, which is a directory (or folder) on Duke’s server called public_html. The “home” page must be called index.html and placed in a new directory/folder called pps114 inside public_html, so it is visible when anyone types: (where abc2 is your ACPUB login, the same one that you use to check e-mail)


The page(s) must be linked to each other and include at least:


Failure to include each of these features will result in a grade deduction. The webpages will be graded on a √- to √+ scale. You must complete this assignment in order to pass the class.


To avoid potential problems I recommend that you name all your files with the same consistent suffix (.html or .htm), you should not have any spaces in the names of the files and you should avoid capital letters (ex. index.html, not My Index.html; dogpicture.jpg not Dog’s Picture.jpg).


You should email your TA the URL of your website when you are done.


Deadline: Thursday, February 6 @ noon.


Later, an extra credit addition to this website will be made available for students to do.