Public Policy 114.02 - F2002: Political Analysis for Public Policy

Congressional Policy Research Project

Project Description
Instructor: Renan Levine
Course Syllabus

The goal of this project is for students to explore a policy area to discover how changes in policies are made by Congress in a particular area. These sites should identify the important issues, the major players or interest groups who seek to influence the policy processes in this area, and public opinion relevant to the topic area. Also on these sites, you will find a case-study examining a policy change.

Group 01 Welfare to Work Group 08 Homeland Security
Group 02 Universal Health Care Group 09 Education Policy
Group 03 Prescription Drugs Group 10 Stem Cell Research
Group 04 Foreign Aid to Israel
Group 11 Intellectual and Artistic Property Rights
Group 05 Corporate Governance Group 12 Forest
Group 06 Foster Care Group 13 Internet Censorship
Group 07 School Vouchers

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