Psychotherapeutic Resources                                                            PSY 11 / F02


Types of Therapists


Psychotherapist - In NC almost anyone can call himself/herself a psychotherapist.


Psychologist - Must possess either a Masters or Ph.D degree in some field of psychology.


Clinical Psychologist - Masters level - 2 years of course work and training.

                                          Ph.D. level - 5-6 years of course work and training, including a year of internship.


Psychiatrist - M.D. degree followed by a three year residency training.


Social Worker - Masters degree. Usually specializes in community support services. May specialize in psychotherapy,

                              then is termed a Psychiatric Social Worker.


Psychoanalyst - A Psychiatrist or Clinical Psychologist who then spends several years at a Psychoanalytic Training

                               Institute. Psychoanalysts must undergo psychoanalysis themselves.



Sources of Psychotherapy in the Duke Community


Emergency Help:


Duke Emergency Room:  684-2413

                                Will be seen by  resident.


Helpline (Durham Mental Health Center): 560-7100

                                Will speak with a trained volunteer over the phone.


Rape Crisis Center:  688-2883

                                Will talk to a trained volunteer who will meet with you to provide support services if you wish


                Rape & Sexual Assault Support Center, Crisis Information:  681-6882



General Help:


*CAPS:  660-1000 (Suite 214, Page Bldg.)

For enrolled Duke students only. Free - paid for by student health fee. Provides personal counseling, career counseling (including computerized testing), Skill development, referrals. Multidisciplinary staff including Social Workers, Clinical Psychologists, Psychiatrists, etc.


Duke Psychology Clinic:  660-5770

                                Therapists: Clinical psychology graduate students.

                                Fee: Sliding scale according to ability to pay. No one turned away for lack of funds.

Services: Short and long-term individual therapy, group therapy, family and couples counseling. Some expertise available for help with rape, incest, battering, eating disorders and post-traumatic stress.


Duke Outpatient Psychiatry: 684-0100

Therapists: Screened by a psychiatric resident and typically referred to a resident or Social Worker. Referrals to psychiatrists and psychologists made occasionally and can be requested

                                Fee: Residents and Social Workers see clients on a sliding scale. Private practitioners (Psychiatrists and Psychologists) charge between $75 and $100 per session.

                                Services: Long and short term therapy.



There are also numerous private practitioners in the area, with different backgrounds and fees. Clinical faculty may be able to provide referrals.