Psychology 11a 

                  Introductory Psychology: A Natural Science Perspective
                  Fall, 2002

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About this Site:  This document contains course information for Psy 11a at Duke University for the Fall, 2002 semester.  Specifically, the document contains a course syllabus, copies of handouts on studying and taking multiple choice exams, Concept Topic lists for exams, and course "Bulletin" announcements.

Instructor:    Ted Hall                             TA:  Steve Prince
                      213-AB Soc-Psych(#9)                B243Q  LSRC
                      660-5664                                     668-2299
Office Hrs:     Mon 11:30-1:00                            (by appointment, easiest to arrange at class time)
                      (and by appointment)
Send email to:   Ted Hall                                        Steve Prince

***Please note that this course has a Research Participation Requirement (see syllabus).

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          Class Bulletins

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Links to topics of current interest in the course:

                       DSM-IV Categorization

                       Article on Psychology and Lingering Effects of  September 11th (NY Times, free but need to register)

                       Studying Personality, links

                       New Diagnostic Category ?
                       Interactive Brain Anatomy

There are a wide range of psychology resources on the web. It is so easy to get lost surfing in them, that I would suggest you wait until later in the course before exploring. However, for those with an immediate need, the starting point is probably:
                       Yahoo's Psychology Index

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