Psychology 11a

Concept Topics for Test 4

Fall 02

NOTE 1: Time is running out! If you have not completed the research requirement by the end of the semester you will receive an incomplete grade in Psychology 11. If you do not complete the requirement by the fifth week of your next semester in residence at Duke, that incomplete grade will automatically be changed to an F by the Registrar's office. (This is a departmental requirement. I have no control over it).

NOTE 2: At the final exam time, in addition to Exam 4 the optional Cumulative Final may be taken. The score from this test will replace your worst grade for one of the 4 segments of the course, if it is better. 

Listed below are approximately 50 Concept Topics representing the core ideas for this fourth segment of the course. You should be able to generate a definition of each concept, an explanation of its central idea, an understanding of why it is important, and be comfortable creating or recognizing an example of the concept. The tests are unlikely to contain the specific examples of the concept as used in the text or lecture. You will need to be able to make use of the concept and understand when you are faced with an illustration of it.


MEMORY (acquiring and remembering the important stuff ...)

COGNITION (what we know about how we think ... and how thinking develops)

LANGUAGE (and where it comes from)

INTELLIGENCE (so you think you're smart?)

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