Project Wild

Teambuilding and Fun

Quick! You're being chased by angry ninjas and your only safe haven is an island surrounded by a sea of acid! How can you get all group members across the river and onto the island (which is uncomfortably small) all at once? Plan carefully - any contact with the acid and you'll all have to go back and start again!

This is the kind of scenario that groups will face on our Low Ropes Team Challenge Course (TCC). The TCC is a series of problem-solving initiatives where a group must work together to complete each event. Focused, hands-on activities aid group members in developing trust, respect, communication, and problem-solving strategies.

The TCC is appropriate for school children, corporate groups, college clubs or teams, birthday parties, or any other groups looking for an exciting challenge! The course can accommodate groups of 8 - 55 people. Programs cost $12 a person and typically last around two hours.

If you are interested in participating in the course, please contact an Outreach Director

The entire Duke women's basketball team did this. Can you? Battle against time! We'll catch you everytime!