Here are some helpful links to online radiology resources: provides comprehensive community Internet site for radiologists and related professionals in the medical imaging industry. Although most resources are available for members only, registration is free and takes all of 3 minutes. There are great sample images in the case-of-the-day series. Plus, numerous cases are available in the learning center section, with detailed discussions of differential diagnosis and high quality images. Reference section is also helpful, as it contains many comprehensive modules, again, freely available for members.

The American College of Radiology is the professional body for radiologists, radiation oncologists and medical physicists. It is involved in accreditation, research, developing guidelines, professional education, and political advocacy. This website provides resources for resident, fellow, and attending radiologists and may give students a glimpse of various issues in the field. However, many of the resources are for members only.

The mission of the Radiological Society of North America is to promote and develop the highest standards of radiology and related sciences through education and research. True to its mission, the society provides high quality peer-reviewed educational modules and links to its publications, including Radiology and RadioGraphics. Free membership is available for medical students, which also includes free admission to the RSNA's annual meeting. However, membership application can not be submitted online, and in fact has to be signed by your dean. This being said, the resources provided by the website may well be worth it.

The North Carolina chapter of the American College of Radiology is the statewide professional organization also known as NCRS (NC radiology society). The NCRS actively represents its members within the North Carolina Medical Society, in North Carolina legislative and regulatory matters, in the North Carolina Medicare Advisory Committee, and in third party payor issues. The website may give students a glimpse of various issues in the field. However, most resources are for members only.

Duke University Medical Center radiology department website contains helpful resources targeted towards both patients, faculty and students. This is definitely a helpful link if you are planning to apply for residency at DUMC, or are doing an elective rotation here.

The Duke University Virtual Imaging Laboratory is an extensive website intended to provide a teaching supplement for courses in medical imaging. The four different imaging modalities that are represented here are Ultrasound, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, and X-Ray Imaging. This laboratory is the result of a collaboration between several imaging research laboratories at Duke University.

This website has been created by the University of Virginia radiology department. It covers several radiology topics via easy to understand online tutorials, plus information on medical informed consent and patient confidentiality. The following radiology modules are presented: Imaging of the Cervical Spine, ICU, Chest Films, Introduction to Pediatric Radiology, Introduction to Head CT, Skeletal Trauma Radiology and Emergency Body CT. There are also downloadable PC programs that provide a review of differential diagnosis in radiology as well as assist residents in preparing for the board exam.

This site is created and maintained by the RSNA (Radiological Society of North America) and ACR (American College of Radiology). It provides a great resource for patients with detailed explanations of imaging modalities and procedures.

This website is one student's perspective on the match process. It contains a detailed timeline and some helpful links.