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Randolph dormitory, front view, with bench
Randolph, front view

About Our Freshman Dormitory

Randolph residence hall is a coeducational, three-story, fairly symmetrical, double-sided, air-conditioned/heated dorm building at Duke University on East Campus.  It houses approximately 180 first-year students.  We are located at approximately 36°0'24.25" N, 78°55'1.69" W. We are located right next to Blackwell and Bell Tower dorms, and all three of our dorms comprise the East Campus Neighborhood 4.

Our building has two common rooms, one on the first floor of each side bordering the center archway, with the commons on side "A" (a.k.a. the "Piano Commons") (on the West side) consisting of a piano and a variety of books, and the one on side "B" (a.k.a. the "TV Commons") (East side) consisting of a high-definition widescreen rear-projection television, EPrint (Pharos Release Station) -- an OIT-managed system that has tended to fail a few times each week but has just been renovated (2/{5-6}/08), and a slightly-delapidated Ping-Pong table.  Many such items enjoyed by dormers have been purchased by Randolph's House Councils through house funds1.

Each commons room has plenty of couches for relaxation, and each connects to a study/seminar/conference room ("Multipurpose room") through a kitchen. Each side of Randolph also has another separate study/seminar room on the first floor. Some of the seminar rooms are used for certain humanities classes. There are also a few other, smaller study rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the building, which are unused dorm rooms without doors.

There is also a resident cleaning supply closet on the first floor on side B that is subtly accessible to residents, which contains a variety of household necessities such as a vacuum cleaner and spill-cleaning chemicals.


Randolph was built in 1994, along with Blackwell (our "twin" building which is oriented orthoganally), and is named after Randolph County, the original location of Trinity College, which was the original institution that evolved into Duke University in 1924. Randolph County is named for Peyton Randolph, the first President of the Continental Congress.

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2This old Website was found by chance and may not be the only old Randolph Website in existence.