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Human Rights Curricula Incentive Grants

The Duke Human Rights Center, in conjunction with Arts and Sciences, invites Duke faculty and instructors to submit course-development proposals that would establish new curricula that is human rights-related. This competition offers several awards of $2,500.00 each.

There is a strong and still unmet demand among Duke undergraduates for human rights courses. A large number of students want to pursue careers with humanitarian non-profit organizations or in human rights reporting, the law or public health work. These students would benefit from more robust course work and rights-related study.

Successful proposals will promote interdisciplinary, critical thinking and will include an array of materials that reflect the dynamic nature of rights work. The Duke Human Rights Center is working toward a certificate in human rights, so encourages proposals for courses that provide an introduction to human rights or might serve as a capstone course. We are especially interested in courses that have the potential to be taught annually. Proposals that include a service-learning component are encouraged as are courses that include work with or materials from the Archive for Human Rights (

Topics can include, but are not limited to, women's and children's rights; religious freedom and fundamentalism; refugees and exile; health and human rights; the history and theory of human rights; rights in the United States, including issues like the "war on terror," race and the death penalty; and the politics of memory, forgetting, and accountability in the shadow of mass violence.

Award recipients are expected to create a new course syllabus and to teach the course at least three times in the five years following the award, thereby insuring that a large number of students benefit from the faculty member's work in curriculum development. Award recipients will submit a letter detailing the results of their curriculum development work along with their complete syllabus no later than the first day of classes of the semester in which the course will be taught.

The final decision on awards will be made by members of the Duke Human Rights Center steering committee, listed at Along with a draft of the course syllabus, the following application materials are required:

Applicants are encouraged to consult with Robin Kirk ( for additional guidance. Applications should be sent to

DEADLINE: February 2, 2009


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