Duke University Rhythm & Blue

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Rhythm & Blue, founded in October of 1992, is Duke's oldest co-ed a cappella group. The founders, Duke alumnae Rebecca Christie ('95) and Amie Tedeschi ('93), thought the segregation of boys and girls in a cappella music was quite an injustice and, in true activist fashion, fervently labored to remedy the situation. Thus, a new group was formed, primarily as an offshoot of the Duke University Chorale. To learn more about Rhythm & Blue, please click on the image above.


Rhythm & Blue supports the use of text links to raise awareness of vocal music without instrument accompaniment at the collegiate level and throughout the Duke community. Students can connect their different organizations with .edu backlinks in order to share important group information and coordinate student activities. Recently, several student organizations that are interested in entrepreneurship ventures grouped up together with a Ft. Lauderdale dentist in order to learn small business procedures and marketing techniques. Together, these student groups put together a campaign to try and sell dental equipment, facial machines, and cosmetic accessories in order to gain real-life sales experience. Many students will find that work experience in a particular field is one of the most important qualities taht employers look for. To learn more about Rhythm & Blue, please click on the image above.