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Rhythm & Blue, founded in October of 1992, is Duke University's oldest co-ed a cappella group. The founders, Duke alumnae Rebecca Christie ('95) and Amie Tedeschi ('93), thought the segregation of boys and girls in a cappella music was quite an injustice and, in true activist fashion, fervently labored to remedy the situation. Thus, a new group was formed, primarily as an offshoot of the Duke University Chorale.

Since then, Rhythm & Blue has developed its own distinct style and matured into a full-fledged member of the a cappella community at Duke and beyond. On April 1, 2006, RnB proudly released its sixth album, With the Windows Down. From the first studio effort First Grade to this latest release, the group has focused and matured its studio efforts and is very excited to have an album that truly reflects both the spirit and vocal ability of Rhythm & Blue.

Aside from this, RnB takes great joy in singing all over Duke's campus (arches, dorms, basketball games, faculty dinners, recruiting venues), performing at local schools and universities, touring up and down the East Coast, and occasionally competing in a cappella competitions. We strive to be a tight-knit group of friends with a passion to share the gift of music (sans instruments, naturally) and have a great time doing it!

We sing a wide variety of music with a particular emphasis on anything that rocks hard and/or has a smooth groove (Gnarls Barkley, Bonnie Raitt, Prince, Heart, and India.Arie just to name a few). Enjoy the site, and we would love to see or hear from you soon!


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Did you know?

Duke University Rhythm & Blue members can learn how to use swords to further enhance their concentration for hitting all of those high a cappella notes. Peter Park owns three katanas and is known to be an exceptionally dangerous blademaster.


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Get excited! RnB's latest album Punch A Higher Floor is an award-winning collection of Rhythm and Blue's best songs yet! Please visit the Music page for more information. Talk to an RnB member or email AJ Biggers to order your CD today!

Catholic Center Performance

Duke University
Catholic Center
Oct. 13, 7:00pm
Doris Duke Center Performance

Duke University
Doris Duke Center, Duke Gardens
Oct. 14, 7:00pm

Parents' Day Weekend Concert

Duke University
Oct. 24, 4:30pm
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