Punch A Higher Floor is here! Rhythm & Blue's seventh studio album boasts two tracks featured on the Best of College A Cappella 2007 and 2008 compliations and was recorded, mixed, and mastered by diovoce. Please visit our Myspace to hear some of our new clips. The CD may be purchased for $15 through the RnB Store, our Contact page, or at any Rhythm & Blue venue!

Punch A Higher Floor

  1)  Crazy [Gnarls Barkley]
  2)  Stolen [Dashboard Confessional]
  3)  Forgiven [Alanis Morissette]  (will be featured on BOCA 2008!)
  4)  Ready for Love [India Arie]   (featured on BOCA 2007!)
  5)  PromiscuBack [Nelly Furtado & Justin Timberlake]
  6)  What Was I Thinkin' [Dierks Bentley]
  7)  What About Love [Heart]
  8)  Always On Your Side [Sheryl Crow & Sting]
  9)  Something To Talk About [Bonnie Raitt]
10)  Bigger Than My Body [John Mayer]
11)  Before He Cheats [Carrie Underwood]
12)  Let's Go Crazy [Prince]


On April 1, 2006, Rhythm & Blue was proud to announce the release of its sixth studio album, With the Windows Down. The recording process took place at Osceola Studios and the mixing/mastering with diovoce. The CD may be purchased through the RnB Store, our Contact page, or at any Rhythm & Blue venue!

"With songs fostering mass listener appeal led by capable soloists, and a solid production foundation, Rhythm & Blue's latest release is definitely an album you'll want for your collection."
- Kimmie Raschka, RARB, 2006

"Rhythm & Blue definitely has all of the raw ingredients"
- Elie Landau, RARB, 2006

"The album opening is excellent. Right from the first listen I was impressed." - Tom Czerwinski, RARB, 2006

With the Windows Down

  1)  Such Great Heights [The Postal Service]
  2)  Up The Ladder To The Roof [The Supremes]
  3)  How Many Times [Shalisha Francis]
  4)  I Will Love Again [Lara Fabian]   (right click to save full song!)
  5)  Mr. Brightside [The Killers]
  6)  The Remedy [Jason Mraz]
  7)  Light in Your Eyes [Blessid Union of Souls]
  8)  Redneck Woman [Gretchen Wilson]
  9)  The Scientist [Coldplay]
10)  Toxic [Britney Spears]
11)  Somewhere Over The Rainbow [Harold Arlen]

Awards/Honors for With the Windows Down:

2007 CARA RUNNER-UP for Best Mixed Collegiate Solo:
Shalisha Francis for How Many Times

2007 CARA RUNNER-UP for Best Mixed Collegiate Arrangement:
Such Great Heights by Matt Emery

2007 CARA Nominee for Best Scholastic Original:
How Many Times by Shalisha Francis

Voices Only 2006 Selection:
Mr. Brightside


Our fifth album, Adios Kansas, debuted in Fall 2003. This CD may be purchased for $10 through the RnB Store. You can also order this CD or any old RnB album for the same price via email through our Contact page or at any RnB show!

Adios, Kansas

  1)  Fallin' [Alicia Keys]
  2)  Muppet Medley
  3)  Somewhere Out There [Our Lady Peace]   (right click to save full song!)
  4)  Turn Me On [Norah Jones]   (right click to save full song!)
  5)  One More Minute ["Weird Al" Yankovic]
  6)  Beautiful [Christina Aguilera]
  7)  Porcelain [Moby]
  8)  Full of Grace [Sarah McLachlan]
  9)  Giving Him Something He Can Feel [En Vogue]
10)  Celine Dion [The Arrogant Worms]
11)  When the Stars Go Blue [Ryan Adams]
12)  Breathless [The Coors]
13)  Cigarettes & Chocolate Milk [Rufus Wainwright]
14)  Thriller [Michael Jackson]


Current Repertoire:

Is there a song you love that's missing from the following list? Email Robert or Edie and suggest a song for RnB to sing!

Song Artist Soloist Arranger / First perf.
*My Love The Bird and the Bee   Matt Emery / Fall '09
*Don't Stop Believin' Journey Ren, Matt Edie / Fall '09
*Alone Heart Amber Peter P., Edie / Fall '09
*The Sun Maroon 5 Peter P. Peter P. / Fall '09
Alcohol Barenaked Ladies Robert Peter P. / Spring '09
The Story Brandi Carlile Abbey Peter P. / Spring '09
Circus Britney Spears Brittany B. Matt Emery, Peter P. / Spring '09
Somewhere Over the Rainbow Harold Arlen Brittany B. Jeremy / Fall '08
Streetcorner Symphony Rob Thomas Peter F. Peter P. / Fall '08
Bleeding Love Leona Lewis Ren Peter / Fall '08
Closer Ne-Yo Peter P. Peter / Fall '08
Gardenia Mandy Moore Katie Matt / Spring '08
Everything Michael Buble Matt Peter / Spring '08
Kiss Him Goodbye The Nylons Peter P. Jeremy / Fall '03
Star-Spangled Banner As performed by N'Sync N/A Brian / Spring '01

* = new song!

Past Repertoire:

Song Artist Arranger Last performed
Always On Your Side Sheryl Crow & Sting Matt E. & Ren Spring '08
What About Love Heart Matt E. Spring '08
What Was I Thinkin' Dierks Bentley Matt E. Spring '08
Forgiven Alanis Morissette Matt E & Joseph Bates Spring '08
Before He Cheats Carrie Underwood Matt E. Spring '08
Stolen Dashboard Confessional Matt E. Spring '08
The Humans Are Dead Flight of the Conchords Matt E. Spring '08
Love Song Sara Bareilles Peter Park Spring '08
Superwoman Alicia Keys Peter P. Spring '08
Wait A Minute The Pussycat Dolls feat. Timbaland Ren Spring '08
Apologize/Unbreak My Heart One Republic Peter P. Spring '08
PromiscuBack Nelly Furtado / Justin Timberlake Matt Emery Fall '07
Let's Go Crazy Prince Matt Emery Spring '07
Something To Talk About Bonnie Raitt Aditi Reddy Spring '07
Crazy Gnarls Barkley Matt Emery, Drew Vincent Spring '07
Dive Into You The House Jacks Rebecca Haber Spring '07
Ready For Love India Arie Jenna Olson, Matt Emery Spring '07
Bigger Than My Body John Mayer Matt Emery, Aditi Reddy Spring '07
Hit Me With Your Best Shot Pat Benatar Erica Featherstone Fall '06
Over the Rainbow Harold Arlen Jeremy Fall '06
Such Great Heights The Postal Service Matt Emery Fall '06
Satellite Anna Nalick Matt Emery Spring '06
We Didn't Start The Fire Billy Joel Matt Emery Spring '06
Hold My Hand Hootie & The Blowfish Jessie Laun Spring '06
Mr. Brightside The Killers Matt Emery Spring '06
I Will Love Again Lara Fabian Rebecca Haber Spring '06
Up The Ladder (To The Roof) The Supremes Jeremy Cromer Spring '06
Make Me Lose Control Eric Carmen RnB '93 Fall '05
Redneck Woman Gretchen Wilson Aditi Reddy Fall '05
Either Way Guster Rebecca Haber Fall '05
Annie Waits Ben Folds Matt Emery Spring '05
Ain't No Sunshine Bill Withers Allan Friedman Spring '05
Toxic Britney Spears Jeremy Cromer Spring '05
The Scientist Coldplay Janet Choi Spring '05
The Remedy Jason Mraz Jeremy Cromer Spring '05
The Wanderer Marc Broussard Jessie Laun Spring '05
Turn Me On Norah Jones Erica Feathersone Spring '05
Light In Your Eyes Blessid Union of Souls Julian Lim Fall '04
How Many Times Shalisha Francis Shalisha Francis Fall '04
Runaway The Coors Aditi Reddy Spring '04
Two Step Dave Matthews Band Princeton Roaring 20 Spring '04
One More Minute Weird Al Yankovic Jon Smith Spring '04
Beautiful Christina Aguilera Erica Featherstone Fall '03
Blackbird / I Will The Beatles Julian Lim Spring '03


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