Welcome to Duke University Robotics Club

Thank you all for expressing interest in the Duke Robotics Club. It should prove to be a very exciting, fun, and rewarding new club.

All-member meetings will be held once a month. Their main purpose will be to update everybody on what individual groups are doing and progress made on each project, to share ideas and lessons learned. We will invite speakers in the field of Robotics to come talk to us, and arrange trips to visit Robotics firms in the Triangle area. Individual groups will meet separately and more often. Times and frequency of these meetings to be decided upon by members of the teams. We will break up into smaller groups based on interest.

This is the Robotics Club's first semester as a recognized Duke Club. It was initially organized by Dr. Janet's independent study students Tom Tate, Jason O'Meara, and Mike Decarli after the AUV project was begun by EE142 students last semester. One of the goals of this club is to have a finished AUV to enter into the AUVSI competition at Disney World in July, 2001.

Thanks again for your interest in the Duke Robotics Club.

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