2004 Overall Budget

The Majority of the components for this year's competition have been installed, the following is the projected budget as of June 08, 2004. For a complete list of materials and costs, Please see the Bill of Materials.

CPU, Depth Sensor, DAC, Li-Po batteries, DVL, Altimiter, Cameras, Subconn Cables, Floating Wireless, DC/DC Converters
Mechanical Chassis, Thrusters, Component Mounts, Acrylic Shells, Dry Acrylic Tubes and Aluminum EndCaps, Tooling, Z-Intake Plastic, Raw Aluminum, Hardware, Anodizing
Design Supplies for manual rendering, animation
Testing SCUBA equipment rental, etc, Construction of Targets, LED, Accoustic Beacon
Laboratory Supplies Machine tools, interface equipment, testing equipment, supplies
Travel to Competition Equipment, students and advisor(s) transport to San Diego, CA
Summer pay for Three students Cover minimal expenses for work on autonomous 6-DOF control of unmanned underwater vehicle
Industry Assistance Machining of parts too large for Undergraduate Machine Shop
Total projected as of June 2004

Financial Support

For this year's competition, the 2003 Duke Robotics Team AUV has received the following financial support:

Organization Location Support Value
Duke University Robotics Durham, NC Leftover money from last year's account
Subconn San Diego, CA Donation of Cable Supplies
AUVSI San Diego, CA Reward from 2003 AUV Competition (3rd Place)
Duke Engineering Alumni Association Duke University Monetary Donation
Duke University Durham, NC Facilities for fabrication and testing including lab space and access to pools.
Private Alumni Donations - Duke Alumni Private Monetary Donation
RD Instruments San Diego, CA Discounted price for Workhorse 1200 DVL
American Standard - Monetary Donation
Lord Foundation Durham, NC Research Grant
Deep Ocean Engineering San Leandro, CA Consulting, Podding of Connectors
Open - -
  - -
Total Financial Support as of June, 2004: