The Duke AUV team uses the Tritech PA500 Altimeter to measure distances from the AUV to surfaces directly below. The PA500 has a narrow beam angle, allowing for precise measurements to be taken to surfaces directly under the sensor. This measurement is helpful in pinpointing distances to underwater targets, helping to ensure that vehicle correctly identifies the targets worth the highest points. The PA500 altimeter connects to the PC/104 via a standard RS232 port. The PA500 requires between 9V-20V. The DC/DC converters in the electronics tube provide 12V of power for the Altimeter. The RS232 and power are bundled in a standard Subconn 7pin Low Profile connector. (For more wiring info see connectors/pinouts section). The technical manual can be found in the linked pdf to the right. Please note that the ticked boxes may not necessarily apply to this year's PA500 model, as the system is leased and changes from year to year.

Electronics Tube
Data Acquisition Card
Wireless Ethernet Card
Power Management Board
DC/DC Converters
Doppler Velocity Logger
Pressure Sensor
Power System
Floating Wireless
Reed Switch

PA500 Technical Manual