The Duke AUV uses two Logitech QuickCams for vision-based navigation. The QuickCams are installed in a waterproof tube and connect to the Electronics tube through a Subconn cable. The cameras are interfaced with the Versalogic computer using standard USB cables. The cameras provide 640 X 480 video feed, with optional 1.3 Mega pixel still images and zoom features. The computer is able to process about 10 frames/sec, allowing the AUV to detect interesting features even while moving at full speed through the water. One camera is downward facing in order to detect bins along the bottom of the pool. The other camera faces forward in order to detect the blue LED lights that mark off the array of bins underwater. The cameras gather and store images on the computer while the software analysis the images for shapes that signify LED sources and bins.

Electronics Tube
Data Acquisition Card
Wireless Ethernet Card
Power Management Board
DC/DC Converters
Doppler Velocity Logger
Pressure Sensor
Power System
Floating Wireless
Reed Switch

Camera Technical Manual