Floating Wireless

Since wireless communication does not function through water, the AUV group has designed a floating wireless buoy that allows users to communicate with the AUV via a wireless enabled laptop. The Buoy has about 15ft of cable, allowing the user to control the AUV while the vehicle is submerged, and view the AUV’s activity in real time. The two video feeds from the onboard cameras can be streamed to the laptop for easier navigation. Since communication during the competition is prohibited, the wireless buoy is used for testing and troubleshooting.
A D-Link Wireless Access Point Router is housed in a watertight Pelican box that floats at the surface. A 3.3Ah 5V lead acid battery powers the Router. A Waterproof Bulgen Ethernet cable provides communication between the Router and electronics tube. Any laptop with an 802.11b compatible wireless card can telnet onto the AUV.

Electronics Tube
Data Acquisition Card
Wireless Ethernet Card
Power Management Board
DC/DC Converters
Doppler Velocity Logger
Pressure Sensor
Power System
Floating Wireless
Reed Switch

D-Link Technical Manual
Bulgin Waterproof Ethernet Cable