DC/DC Converters

The DC/DC board resides along the side of the electronics tube. Raw 30V power is supplied from the Power Management Board (and thus from the li-po battery tube) into the DC/DC converters. The DC/DC converters create a floating ground and three available power supplies: +5V, +12V and -12V. These supplies remain stable even as the battery voltage decreases from the raw power supply. The DC/DC board requires between 18V and 36V to operate properly. The DC/DC board actually contains two separate DC/DC converters manufactured by Astrodyne. The FDC40-24S05 supplies the +5V supply, and the FDC40-24S12 supplies the -12V and +12V supply. The DC/DC units are mounted on a dual layer PCB custom designed board that allows multiple connections to be established to the converters


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DC/DC Converters
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