The PC/104 was purchased new this year from Versalogic Corporation. The EPM-CPU-10 was chosen with a Pentium III/Celeron processor module with 10/100 Ethernet, Video, and PC/104-Plus interface. Unlike the PC/104 used in Gamera, the Versalogic model contains a built in I/O port, in the form of a detachable ribbon. The CPU can run at 566MHz, but is currently throttled to 350MHz do to heat dissipation considerations. The system contains 256 MB of low power system RAM that is supported in a high-reliability latching 144-pin SODIMM socket. The PC/104 contains one PCI-based IDE channel, with a 40-pin interface. This is capable of supporting up to two IDE devices (hard drives, CD-ROM, etc.). Currently, the device is attached to an IBM 1GB Micro Drive.
JS2 (marked on board) is available for SVGA display used for debugging or setting up the computer. At all other times, the user can remotely log into the PC/104 via the wireless card.
JS4 connects to the breakout ribbon cable with the following I/O connections:
Port Current Use
RS-232 Serial Port COM1 DVL
RS-232 Serial Port COM2 Altimeter
Parallel Port Unused
USB Port 1 Web Camera 1 (Downward Facing)
USB Port 2 Web Camera 2 (Forward Facing)
AT Keyboard Port Keyboard as needed
PS/2 Mouse Port Unused
IDE Data LED & Programmable LED Hard Drive Activitiy / Programmable LED unused
Ethernet Port Connected for Floating Wireless as needed
The team has two I/O cables for the PC/104. One of them contains the bare essentials necessary for the competition (to remove excess wires) while the other is unaltered and used for testing and debugging (when the keyboard, etc are necessary).
The PC/104 has a custom power connector that contains the following inputs: Ground, +5VDC, +12VDC, -12VDC, and +3.3VDC (currently unused). Should the connector become damaged, the linked pdf file contains the wiring directions for the PC/104.

Electronics Tube
Data Acquisition Card
Wireless Ethernet Card
Power Management Board
DC/DC Converters
Doppler Velocity Logger
Pressure Sensor
Power System
Floating Wireless
Reed Switch

PC/104 Manual