Power Management Board

The Power Management Board has inputs for both the 30V thruster battery supply and the 30V electronics supply. The power management board distributes the raw incoming power from the 4-pin battery supply. The thruster power is distributed to each of the thrusters, and the electronics supply is delivered from the power board to the DC/DC converter inputs. In addition, the power management board has voltage divider circuitry used to output the (1/11) of the incoming voltage. The voltage step-down is required for the DAC to be able to read the voltage off the batteries, since its maximum capable input is 10VDC. The voltage is reduced on the power management board via two resistors in series linked in parallel to the raw power supply. The lines are then fed into an op-amp to deliver a low impedance signal into the DAC. The DAC has high impedance inputs, and so the signal must be low impedance for the DAC to read the signal properly. +5V and G is needed from the DC/DC power supply in order to power the op-amps on the management board.

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Power Management Board
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