Camera Housing / Mounts

The two cameras are housed in a clear acrylic tube. The tube is sealed on one side with an aluminum end cap with double o-rings, and an acrylic disk covers the other side, sealed with epoxy. The aluminum end cap was machined in the undergraduate machine shop using the lathe and mill. The material used is Aluminum 6061. A seven pin Subconn connector connects to two USB hubs inside the tube, where the cameras are connected. This allows for easy repair or replacement of the cameras. One camera is downward facing and the other faces to the forward direction of the robot. The camera tube sits lower than the bottom of the robot so it was made to be easily removable from the chassis.


Acrylic Shells
Electronics Housing / Mount
Battery Housing / Mount
Camera Housing / Mount
Thruster Mounts
Marker Droppers
Camera End Cap Drawing