Electronics Tube Technical Drawing

End Cap Technical Drawing

End Cap Technical Drawing (back)


Electronics Housing

The main electronics of Charybdis are housed in a clear acrylic tube 10.53 inches long with an outer radius of 4 inches and inner radius of 3.63 inches. The acrylic tube is depth rated to 100ft, and is capped with two anodized aluminum end caps. Subconn connectors provide communication between the electronics tube and the multiple subsystems of the AUV.
The aluminum end caps were fabricated in the Undergraduate Machine Shop in conjunction with the machinist in the physics building. The end caps contain double O-rings in order to ensure that the electronics stay dry at depth. The aluminum caps help dissipate heat from the processor and ensure that the PC/104 does not overheat during the competition.


Acrylic Shells
Electronics Housing / Mount
Battery Housing / Mount
Camera Housing / Mount
Thruster Mounts
Marker Droppers