Software Platform

The vehicle's PC104 stack runs the Slackware 9.1 distribution of Linux with the 2.6.6 kernel. The main board's onboard ethernet controller is fully supported by kernel drivers, and the PCMCIA wireless card is supported by the linux-wlan wlan-ng driver module. The two USB web cameras are supported by the Philips Web Cam for Linux driver version 9.0. The system interfaces with the Diamond Systems DMM32-AT digital acquisition card via the Diamond Systems Universal Driver, version 5.8. The doppler velocity logger and altimeter connect to the system's two serial ports, and communication with the propulsion, dropper, and acoustics hardware is performed via the DAC.

The control system itself is written entirely in C++ with extensive use of the Standard Template Library. Other libraries against which the executable is linked include libjpeg, libpthread, and the Diamond interface library. The code compiles cleanly with GCC version 3.2 and greater, as well as the Intel C++ Compiler version 8.0 and greater.

Software System:
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