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Conference Schedule


Friday, Sept. 12, 2008

Morning Session


9:00-9:45: Breakfast & Registration, Women`s Studies Parlor 1

9:30: Opening Remarks by the Planning Committee


9:45-11:00: (Women`s Studies Parlor 1 and 2)



Moderator: Anne O`Neil-Henry

Respondent: Valeria Finucci

Women`s Studies Parlor 1

Emily Rose Cranford, University of North Carolina,  Problems Posed by the Masking and Unmasking of Gender in Hélisenne de Crenne`s Angoisses douloureuses qui procèdent d`amours.

Martin Repinecz, Duke University,  `Legate le braccia, i piedi e il collo` : Bondage in the Orlando Furioso.


The Body

Moderator: Isabel Torres

Respondent: Meg Greer

Women`s Studies Parlor 2

Brooke McGowan, Cambridge University,  The Hymen and the Veil: Queering Jacques Derrida.

Ryan Schmitz, University of Texas, The Body`s Betrayal of the Dissimulated Self in Cervantes`s Novelas ejemplares.




11:00-12:30: (Women`s Studies Parlor 1 and 2)


Acquisition of Knowledge

Moderator: Alejandra Rodriguez-Villar

Respondent: Deb Reisinger

Women`s Studies Parlor 1

Layla AbdelRahmin, University of Montreal, Revealing and Concealing: Architecture and Knowledge in Children`s Books.

Reginald Patterson, Duke University,  This is Not a Boat, There is no Carnival: The Pedagogy of the Guadeloupean Anti-Carnival.


The Mask of Racial Equality

Moderator:  Lesley Curtis

Respondent:  Nathan Hensley

Women`s Studies Parlor 2

Ronni Armstead, Duke University,  Race, Class and Gender Identities and the Ongoing Transformation of New Orleans.

Aude Dieudé, Duke University,  Diaspora Experiences in Caryl Phillips`s Foreigners and Paul Gilroy`s Black Britain: A Photographic History.


12:45-1:45: Lunch


Afternoon Session



History and Narrative

Moderator: Rachel Valladolid

Respondent: David Bell

Women`s Studies Parlor 1

Eleanor Vanden Heuvel, The Johns Hopkins University,  The Mask of Historical Fiction: Anna Banti`s Artemisia.

Solomon Burnette, North Carolina Central University,  Caribbean Slave Revolts: Islamic Insurgencies Unmasked.

Bridget Pupillo, The Johns Hopkins University,  Veiled Truth: Word as Mask in Paradiso XXXIII and the Kitab al-Mi`raj.



3:30-4:00: Break






Keynote Address

Moderator: Lesley Curtis

Respondent: Laurent Dubois

Women`s Studies Parlor 1





Professor Trevor Burnard, University of Warwick

  Intimate Strangers: The Multiple Masks of Slavery in Jamaica and Berbice, 1750-1823.








7:30: Please join us for drinks and heavy hors d`oeuvres at the George`s Garage on 9th Street in Durham.

Saturday, Sept. 13, 2008

Morning Session

9:00-10:00: Breakfast



Biography: Narrating the Personal

Moderator: Dana Chirila

Respondent: Roberto Dainotto

Women`s Studies Parlor 1

Vanessa Dorriot, Duke University,  L`Histoire s`écrit: Assia Djebar and the Ethics of Autofiction.

Eglantine Colon, Duke University,  Writing the Self in Fiction: When There is Nothing under the Masks.

Claudia Gisselle Salazar, New York University, Masking Truth, Unmasking Fiction in the Autobiographical Writing of José María Arguedas and Rosa Montero.


11:45-1:00: Lunch

Afternoon Session

1:00-2:30: (Women`s Studies Parlors 1 and 2)


Visuality and Performance

Moderator: Reginald Patterson
Respondent: Esther Gabara

Women`s Studies Parlor 1

David Gregory, University of Notre Dame,  Crafting a Cracked Subjectivity: Multiplicities in Adaptation and Lucía y el sexo.

Yun Zhu, University of South Carolina,  Masking and Unmasking in Beijing Opera.


National Identity

Moderator: Erin Laureano

Respondent: Walter Mignolo

Women`s Studies Parlor 2

Kelle Keating, University of Texas,  `Malamalangue`: The Struggle between Nationalist and Pluralist Identities in Québec.

Rebecca Ingram, Duke University,  A Spanish Culinary Canon?: Pardo Bazán`s Spanish National Cuisine after 1898.


2:30-3:00: Break




Genre and Identity in the 19th Century Text

Moderator: Aaron Castroverde

Respondent: Stephanie Sieburth

Women`s Studies Parlor 1

Eva Yampolsky, Emory University,  Fragmentation of Identity in the Works of Guy de Maupassant.

Zachary Erwin, Duke University,  Unmasking Masculinities in Emilia Pardo Bazán`s Rural Sequel Novels.

Anne O`Neil-Henry, Duke University,  Un récit vif, piquant, animé: Reading the Literary Guidebook in July Monarchy Paris.

5:00-9:00: You are invited to the Romance Studies fall party to be held at the Greystone Inn.