This site is developed from the Renaissance Popular Culture course at Duke University taught by Kelly A. Amienne in spring 2006. (Course numbers: ENG 139BS-01/MEDREN 139BS-01)

The Assignment

Over the course of the semester, students worked in small groups to research, design, and publish scholarly websites on topics related to our focus of inquiry: Renaissance popular culture. In preparation, they wrote short essays on our course texts and gave presentations to contextualize our readings in the cultural forces of a period ranging roughly 1500-1680. They developed the sites you find here out of our class discussions as well as from research using Duke's Special Collections, electronic resources such as Early English Books Online, academic journals, and traditional print monographs, among a variety of materials.

Course readings

Please follow the link to a list of materials covered in the course


We owe many thanks to others in the university who helped make the creation of these projects possible. To Sarah Seten Berghausen (Librarian for Literature and Theater Studies) for instructing students in library and online research at Duke and remaining an on-call resource throughout the semester. To Linda McCurdy (Director of Research Services at the Rare Book, Manuscript, and Special Collections Library) for introducing students to the pleasures or centuries-old books and walking them through archival research procedures. And to Deen Freelon (Training Coordinator/Manager, MPS East & West, OIT - Student Technology Services) for teaching students how to create websites and for remaining a tireless support in countless lab sessions.