It could really be any night-or day for that matter.



We chose Saturday night merely to start putting a face on this epidemic of violence towards humanity-- sexual assault.


Saturday Night is a compilation of survivor accounts and community viewpoints of the Duke community. We invite you to find comfort and courage through the voices of survivors and concerned individuals. We hope you will lend a hand to our cause, and empower others to take action.




Note to Our Readers:



All names in the writings have been changed or omitted to protect the identity of individuals. However, the editors of Saturday Night have verified the existence of the writer and received written permission for publication.




All submissions are held in strict confidence. Only our submissions editor will know your identity. Please direct questions and submissions to




Photographed individuals are not related to the narratives in which they appear. These individuals are volunteers who lend their presence in support of the publication.




Saturday Night: Untold Stories of Sexual Assault at Duke is an Independent B publication authorized by the Duke University Publications Board. The publication is edited by Duke undergraduate students and advised by Crystal-Fair Melbourne.




This publication contains a variety of opinions concerning sexual assault. As editors, we do not endorse one particular view but leave it up to you, the reader, to decide where you stand.



"What Is Sexual Assault?"  Campaign


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The third edition of Saturday Night is now available around campus.


Edition 4 Editors:

Avery Resor

Melanie Tannenbaum

Sarah Gordon

Chloe Chien











Saturday Night was recognized for its impact and awarded the Leading At Duke Award: "Outstanding Contributions to Campus Life" on April 19, 2006.
























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