Saturday Night: Untold Stories of Sexual Assault at Duke is a publication designed to share survivor accounts and community viewpoints of the Duke community. It publishes narratives, essays, poems and artwork.


Through its publication, we hope the magazine will be tool to raise awareness and ultimately aid in sexual assault prevention. At the same time, it is our hope that survivors of sexual assault can find some measure of healing through sharing their stories.




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The third edition of Saturday Night is now available around campus.


Edition 4 Editors:

Avery Resor

Melanie Tannenbaum

Sarah Gordon

Chloe Chien





Saturday Night was recognized for its impact and awarded the Leading At Duke Award: "Outstanding Contributions to Campus Life" on April 19, 2006.






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Why We Did It:

On October 9th, 2003, one of our friends was attacked and sexual assaulted by an unknown perpetrator in her own bathroom. Our own shock and feelings of helplessness soon hardened into resolve to fight back; however, we were unsure of where to begin. Through discussions with Duke’s Women’s Center, we soon learned that this type of random attack and sexual assault is the minority of cases concerning sexual assault. The majority of cases are unreported, committed by fellow students, and frequently the survivor knows the perpetrator. Preventing this type of sexual assault would not mean locks on bathrooms and increased security patrols. Rather, it would require a change in community culture and a difficult, person-by-person reckoning of personal ethics and responsibility.

We decided that the intimate voices and perspectives of sexual assault survivors from our own student body could be the key to starting this community self reflection and change. With amazing strength and resilience, the survivor of the October 9th attack penned an anonymous guest commentary in the student newspaper inviting the Duke community to share their voices. (Click to read this letter) The responses were numerous and diverse. Survivors wrote, sharing their personal tragedies, their anger, and their demand for an end to the violence. Concerned students wrote encouraging more campus dialogue. Others wrote confused and questioning definitions of sexual assault. These responses were compiled into the first edition of Saturday Night: Untold Stories of Sexual Assault at Duke.

Despite our initial momentum, the real challenge would be using this powerful community dialogue in a manner to encourage real change. We started with the premise that awareness is not enough. Sexual assault is not stopped by awareness. It is stopped by individual actions. How could we publish this magazine and actually create change and not just awareness? People are shocked when they first read survivors’ narratives, but how would we transform that shock into an impetus for change?

We find ourselves still searching for good answers to this question. We’ve had tremendous support and affirmation that the publication is reaching many on campus. However, we’re working to reach all on campus. Current uses of the publication include: campus dialogues facilitated by Women’s Center volunteers, faculty member in-class use in relevant courses, and campus distribution in prominent areas. We hope to soon begin targeting groups for facilitated dialogues about sexual assault and the publication (Greek organizations, clubs, and dorms).


We invite you to explore this site, examine our thoughts,

contemplate our vision, and decide how you will respond...