Saturday Night would not have been possible without the valuable contribution and assistance of a few individuals. In addition, we would like to acknowledge and thank the following organizations for their invaluable assistance and support of this publication:


Edition 4

The Bassett Fund

The Baldwin Scholars

Sexual Assault Support Services (SASS)

The Duke Panhellenic Association

The Women's Studies Department

Sheila Broderick

Crystal-Fair Melbourne

Elisabeth Hahn

Ashley Kwon

John M. Stokes

Alexandra (Sasha) Stein

Priyanka Chaurasia


Edition 3

Photographers- Kevin Peng and Jing Luo

 Layout designer- Holly Anne Manning

 Advisor- Jean Leonard.

The Duke Women’s Center

The Kenan Institute for Ethics

The Benjamin N. Duke and Trinity Leadership Scholars Program

The Mary Duke Biddle Foundation

The Bassett Fund

The Duke Panhellenic Association

The Women’s Studies Department




Edition 2

Duke Student Government

The Women’s Center

The Benjamin N. Duke Scholars Program

Our Amazing Photograph Models

The Bassett Fund

Jean Leonard

Shannon Johnson

Robert Thompson

Charlotte Pierce-Baker

Chris Hildreth

The Undergraduate Publications Board


Edition 1

The University Fund

Women's Center

Women's Studies Department

Bill Eckard, PN Thompson Printing

Bob Korstad

Jean Leonard

Lauren Miller

Joy Mischley

The Undergraduate Publications Board



"What Is Sexual Assault?"  Campaign


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The third edition of Saturday Night is now available around campus.


Edition 4 Editors:

Avery Resor

Melanie Tannenbaum

Sarah Gordon

Chloe Chien






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