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Sexual assault impacts every university whether big or small. No community, no matter how safe or closely knit, can really claim to be free of this silent problem. Saturday Night: Untold Stories of Sexual Assault offers an opportunity for concerned students and faculty to bring this problem out into the open. Below you will find a chronicle of our work to publish Saturday Night at Duke. We encourage you to consider what role Saturday Night could play on your campus. Our hope is to spread the idea across the national and become a force to prevent sexual assault.






How You Can Start Your Own Saturday Night Publication


Starting Saturday Night at each university will be different because of the unique resources and modes of operation at each university. While we cannot lay out a definite work plan to follow, considering the following questions might help you develop a plan. We’re happy to field questions and offer suggestions for starting your own Saturday Night. We highly encourage you to email us even if it’s just to let us know of your efforts. We want to track our progress nationally and plan a strategy to spread the concept. Email:




Grants we submitted:

Feel free to use these grant applications as templates. The funding sources that we used are unfortunately only available to Duke organizations, but similar grant and funding opportunities may be available on your campus.
University Fund Application
Bassett Fund Application




Questions and Ideas to Consider:

  • What resources are currently available on campus? Who’s already addressing this issue? (Women’s Centers, student groups, concerned faculty member, local nonprofits, student health clinic on campus, etc.)

  • Who can help you define the unique problem of sexual assault that your university faces?

  • What, if any, strategies does the university currently employ to combat sexual assault? Do these need to be addressed too?

  • How could you reach large numbers of students in order to solicit sexual assault survivor narratives and commentary? (campus newspaper, flyers, addressing student groups) Could current survivors aid in this process?

  • How do student groups on your campus get money? (Student government, academic departments, university grants, self fundraising)

  • How could this publication be used and actually discussed by students? (classrooms, first year experience, student groups, Greek organizations, orientation, campus dialogues, summer readings, direct mailings, etc.)

  • How could you measure your impact on campus?

  • How will you sustain your publication? How can you institutionalize its publication (via students, a club, the university, or other organizations on campus)?

  • What administrators or faculty members could be helpful in the process?




Use of the Saturday Night Name

It is our hope that student efforts around the country will adopt the name Saturday Night: Untold Stories of Sexual Assault at ________ or some slight variation of this name. We encourage the use of this name in order to help this effort spread faster. As the idea of the Saturday Night publication reaches more campuses around the country, it can become a recognizable brand and a united movement. We recognize that all groups may not care to use the Saturday Night name, and we still encourage them to contact us even if they choose some other name. The important part of this movement is bringing survivors’ stories to the public (regardless of publication name).




Guidelines for Use of the Saturday Night Name:

Should you choose to adopt the Saturday Night name (which we encourage), we request that you follow the below policies in order to protect the brand name:

  1. Do not publish survivors’ or alleged perpetrators’ names. We require survivors to avoid any leading comments and suggestions about who their perpetrator may have been. This requirement protects against liable and helps focus the publication on the overall goal of preventing sexual assault in the community.

  2. Request signed permission letters from survivors and those providing commentaries. This step will protect your publication from potential problems down the road. (Click to view our permission letter)

  3. Each Saturday Night is an independent venture and each editorial board accepts total liability for its publication. Use of the name does not imply endorsement from other Saturday Night publications or the founders of Saturday Night.

  4. We request respectful use of survivors’ narratives. Sexual assault is often a very emotional and controversial topic. Narratives should always endeavor to protect the dignity of survivors. We advise avoiding berating approaches to sexual assault prevention and dialogues. Alienating a portion of the community will severely reduce efforts to have true community dialogue and change.

  5. Please send us a copy of your publication once you print. Publications can be mailed to Chloe Chien, PO 99062, Durham, NC 27708

We’re happy to help in the process in any way possible. Please feel free to email us ( either for questions, suggestions, or just to let us know your progress.


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