Submissions are now being accepted for the forth edition of Saturday Night, which is scheduled to publish in spring 2007. You can submit in two ways:






Sharing your story with the world can be a very difficult but very empowering decision. Survivors’ narratives are treated with absolute confidentiality. The only person who will ever know your identity is our Submissions Editor, Sarah Gordon. She will work with you through the process to ensure that you are happy with your submission and how it is used in Saturday Night.



All submissions are published anonymously; however, you will be required to sign a release form to grant us use of your submission.



Submissions should tell your unique story and what it is that you wish to share with the community. No set form or content is required. All forms of expression are encouraged (narratives, poetry, artwork, etc.). We hope to publish survivors’ submissions representing the diversity of Duke: male, female, all races, and all sexual orientations.



The publication is used in a variety of settings to raise dialogue about sexual assault. From freshmen first year education to campus dialogues to a variety of classes at Duke, your words will reach thousands on Duke’s campus and beyond.



Our hope is that through the intimate voice and viewpoint of a survivor, all who read the publication will be forever touched and changed. Your voice will join the collective call from other survivors demanding a response and demanding change.



The Process:

  1. Email to contact Sarah Gordon.

  2. Submissions are reviewed for content.

  3. You will be required to sign a release form for your submission to be published (either signed in person or mailed to Sarah Gordon).

  4. Edition Four will be published in spring of 2007.


Saturday Night also hopes to share a variety of viewpoints about sexual assault. All opinions are welcome, and our hope is to provide a starting point for rich dialogue about this topic. No viewpoints are off limits. Submissions can be sent to:





"What Is Sexual Assault?"  Campaign


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The third edition of Saturday Night is now available around campus.


Edition 4 Editors:

Avery Resor

Melanie Tannenbaum

Sarah Gordon

Chloe Chien











Saturday Night was recognized for its impact and awarded the Leading At Duke Award: "Outstanding Contributions to Campus Life" on April 19, 2006.












































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