To Our Readers:

It could really be any night--or day for that matter. We chose Saturday Night as a representative night because that is the time when it probably happens most often: the silent crime which slowly stains and breeds fear into our community. This unspoken violence which plagues our campus and our world is sexual assault.




Yet perhaps some speck of light flickers in the darkness and promises a solution, an end to sexual violence in our community. We need to spread this light and embrace a movement which will transform our campus and rally around the call for no more victims. This is where we begin. This is our quest. This is our vision.




With humble intentions, we offer that this publication may be a starting point for reaching this end. Following the Wannamaker sexual assault of 2002, the courageous survivor wrote to the Duke student body calling for their stories and thoughts on sexual violence at Duke. The responses were both numerous and powerful, spurring the creation of this publication. We were impressed by the variety of responses that we received; many forced us to question our definitions and approach to the topic. We've tried to incorporate this spectrum of opinion and avoid being dogmatic in order to begin a true soul-searching on campus.


As editors of Saturday Night, our hopes are two-fold. First, we want this publication to serve as a source of empowerment and healing at Duke by giving survivors a voice. Second, we hope that these powerful words from survivors will touch and inform all readers and, perhaps more importantly, serve as a catalyst for a movement toward a community that no longer tolerates sexual assault.


This movement will not be built without the participation of all members of Duke's community. We invite you as the reader to not only take these stories and commentaries to heart, but also to consider changes you can make in your daily life to foster this larger movement. Your actions do not have to be tremendous, but for change to take place, our community must be energized and committed to eliminating sexual violence at Duke. We also encourage you to contribute to future editions of this publication and to contact us if you too feel that we must change the climate that allows these acts to happen at Duke. In time, our community can end the fear and violence that has crept into our Saturday nights and every other hour of the week.


The Editors of
Saturday Night,


 Allison Brim

Ryan Kennedy

Monica Lemmond  

Lauren Williams

Note: The poems "My Closet" and "And There Is Survial" were published by the University of Michigan Press in a publication entitled Writing to Stop Violence Against Women.


Although the stories in this publication come from women, we would like to remind pepole that women are not the only victims of sexual assault: men, too, can be victims.                            



Table of Contents




Sexual Assault Reality


The Most Secret Sorority


Can Black Females at Duke Fall Victim?


Reclaiming Myself


Brought Back to

That Night


I Knew Something Was Wrong


I was No Longer a Woman


Commentaries (Part 1)


Commentaries (Part 2)


And There is Survival


My Closet


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