To Our Readers:

A year and a half ago, we published the first edition of Saturday Night: Untold Stories of Sexual Assault at Duke.




That first edition found its way into classrooms, dorm rooms, and conversations around campus. It helped to personalize an often abstract issue on college campuses. While shocking, the intimate perspective of the first edition allowed you to consider the issue of sexual assault on a personal level. In your daily life, how can you catalyze a culture of respect?




In this edition, you will find many things: individuals in different stages of healing, a broad range of voice and perspectives, pieces of the ongoing campus dialogue, poetry, and artwork. The essence of the publication has not changed: you will still find the voices of our peers telling you of the silent crime that pervades our community.


We hope that these voices are also a call to action. Next Saturday night can be different.



The Editors of
Saturday Night



Allison Brim

Ryan Kenneday

Monica Lemmond  

Lauren Jarvis

Aparna Krishnaswamy


Erin Phillips

Elisabeth Hahn

Alessa Colaianni

Brian Wright

Nazaneen Homaifar





Table of Contents





Sleepless Nights


The First Anniversary


My Most Vulnerable



A Girl I Didnít Know


"What does sexual

assault look like?"


Sexual Assault Is...


I Go Through

the Motions


Both of Us


One Case of Sexual Abuse, Hold the Sex Please


Modern Day Perception

to Her Indifferent Friend




"Is there a gray area

when it comes to

sexual assault?"


She Wins


Crime Fighters in



To Duke with Love


Day of Empowerment


"How can sexual assault be reduced?"


Prevention Is...


Poem from

Take Back the Night


Educational Materials

& Support Resources



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