To Our Readers:

The publication of the third edition of Saturday Night has proven to us that this community has embraced our message and that the publication is addressing a tangible need at Duke. Your reaction and support has left us overwhelmingly humbled and awed. It has also shown us that our work is not complete.

We have come a long way since the first edition, from navigating the ropes of publishing to spreading the publication’s message. From an incident of sexual assault on Duke’s campus in 2002 that inspired its inception, Saturday Night has become a visible force in classrooms, dorm rooms, and conversations. The essence of the publication, however, has not changed. The stories you will find are thought-provoking, compelling, and courageous–they are stories from survivors, their friends, and those who have been affected by sexual assault in other capacities.

In a world where we are inundated by statistics about rape and sexual assault on a daily basis, the publication takes the issues to a human level; to a Duke level. Statistics do not change a culture, but we hope that sharing stories, discussing, and acting upon them will.

Next Saturday night can be different.



The Editors of Saturday Night



Elisabeth Hahn

Nazaneen Homaifar


Erin Phillips

Chloe Chien





Table of Contents




Dear Saturday Night


Slaying My Demons


I Only Remember


Silent Foot Steps


Like Any Other


assault, lingers.






Dear Mom


Kissed Her Goodnight


The Body Electric


Justice For All?


The Shadow of Your Smile


Wish It Were Enough


Join Me


Face The Dragons


Thank You




Dear God


He'll Never Know


Gra Sin


Art Imitates Life


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& Support Resources



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