Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker: Anita Bhatia

Head of Global Knowledge, International Finance Corporation of the World Bank

Anita Bhatia is currently Global Head of Knowledge for the International Finance Corporation, the private sector branch of the World Bank. Prior to this, she oversaw the decentralization efforts of the IFC as part of a special assignment to run IFC's change management office. For several years, she headed IFC's technical assistance and advisory operations in Latin America, expanding IFC's geographical and developmental footprint to countries including Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Honduras, Nicaragua and Haiti. She has significant experience working in different parts of the developing world. In addition to having lived in Bolivia and Peru, she has worked in over 20 countries in Africa and in many countries of the former Soviet Union.

Her interests in development issues is far ranging. She is the author of Privatization in Africa, one of the earliest books on the subject, and has authored numerous articles on various topics in development including franchising as a means to encourage private sector development, leasing, property rights, securities laws and investment frameworks. Her current interests relate to the power of collective leadership, collaboration and corporate social responsibility to solve the pressing development issues of the times. She holds an undergraduate degree in History from Calcutta University, a Masters in Political Science from Yale and a Juris Doctor from Georgetown Law.

Outside work, she is interested in hiking, biking and cooking, and supports various friends' charities and non profit organizations in her spare time. She enjoys modern design in all its aspects, particularly architecture. She and her husband have 2 children, one of whom is a freshman in college; the other is a freshman in high school. The family recently moved to Annapolis, Maryland, where she is working on getting her boating license.